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                             Sanibel Island Sunset Cruise

While you're on Sanibel Island there is nothing like sitting on a boat, watching the sun sink beneath the horizon. Enjoy a leisurely cruise into the Sanibel sunset, and watch the dolphins play. Pack a picnic, and observe Florida's true evening beauty on the water. MangroveMasters' sunset cruise is sure to be an evening you will never forget.
Rates are $50.00 per person        
For Reservations

       Call... (239) 410-0890
Sanibel Sunset Cruise
Dolphins and Manatees
Dolphins and Manatees have a reputation for being very curious, friendly, social mammals. I have observed this personally for years. It has always been my rule that we never do anything to entice or harass them. We do not feed them, but we do watch them feed and play in their natural environment from a safe distance, on every trip. On some occasions they have, and do, play in the boat wake. This they do on their own. The young dolphins love to jump and play. On serveral trips we've observed them playing with floating mangrove seeds and leaves as if they were toys, and also manatees feeding on turtle grass as they float over the grass beds. So come along and enjoy an Eco-Friendly Dolphin Cruise with MangroveMasters and observe Dolphins and Manatees in their natural habitat.       
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